Selling Laws Episode 2

In this short tutorial, we will learn why it is so important to ask Discovery Questions. 

Selling Laws Episode 3

In this Episode we will go into more details about Discovery Questions and give you even more ammunition to find out what your potential client wants so that you can make more sales. 

Negotiation Tip #1 Rapport

Because 80% of all buyers will buy from those whom they like, trust and feel comfortable with, this episode will give you some insight so that you can make even more sales. 

Negotiation Tip # 2 "Qualifying"

The highest paid professional negotiators are those who have mastered qualifying.  This video will increase your income. 

Negotiation Tip #3 Presentation

In this episode, we will learn how to put together the perfect presentation that will appeal more to your potential client so that you can make more sales...

Negotiation Tip #4 "Handling Concerns"

When you understand that you want them to give you their concerns and that is actually a buying sign, then  your off to closing the sale.